Minecraft Skinner / Vtuber / Graphic Designer

Scarlets Dreams

Hello I'm Scarlet, I'm a graphic designer and artist! I make quite a few things but the one I've been making the longest is minecraft skins! My commissions are currently open for waitlist! As for a bit more about me I am a vtuber thats mixed race between 4 things! I know a bit of a mutt huh?

For Cooperate inquiries Please Email me ([email protected])

Commission Status: Open

Queue | Waitlist

Prices have been updated!

Vtuber Bundle

Bundle: $280
Includes: Starting/Gaming Overlay/Ending/Just Chatting/BRB/8 Panels/Twitch & Twitter Banner/Vtuber Logo/Animated Drawn Room/3 vtuber assets/& Schedule + PSD

Streamer Bundles

Starter Pack: $80
Includes: Starting/Gaming Overlay/Ending & 4 Panels
Full Pack: $150
Includes: Starting/Gaming Overlay/Ending/Just Chatting/BRB/8 Panels & Twitch or Twitter Banner

Schedule: $20
Includes: One Schedule
Addon: PSD File $10
One Overlay: $20
Includes: One Overlay of your choice
Panels: $10
Up to 8 panels Price is per panel
Twitch or Twitter Banner: $15
Includes: One Banner

Minecraft Skins

One: $10
Includes: One Skin Fully Shaded
Two: $20
Includes: Two Skins Fully Shaded
Three: $30
Includes: Three Skins Fully Shaded

Commercial use: Matches Price of Skin(s)
Includes: Commercial Use


Basic Room: $20
Includes: One Room Simple Shading & Design
Animated Room: $40
Includes: One Room Simple Shading & Design Animated

Vtuber Assets

Model Reveals: $25
Includes: Model Reveal Background
Drinks & Food: $15
Includes: One Drink or Food Item
Vtuber Simple Background: $15
Includes: Simple colored backgrounds
Microphones: $25
Includes: Simple Microphones

Vtuber Logos

Vtuber Logo: $25+
Includes: One Logo

Company Logos

Basic Logo: $25
Includes: Simple aesthetic, no icons or accessories.
Standard Logo: $35
Includes: Simple/Mid, A few Icons, little font changes, accessories.
Standard Logo: $55
Includes: Complex, Icons, major font changes, accessories.

Twitch Packs


Skin Packs



Vtuber Logos

Company Logos

Terms of Service

01.General Info
ₒ I have the right to decline any commission requests.
ₒ For skin commissions Having a reference picture is preferred over a written description.
ₒ Don't rush me. I'm a human I have things to do I will get your commission done before the deadline!
ₒ If you do not want me to post the finished commission on social media there is a 50% fee to not post it.
ₒ I accept Payment ONLY through Paypal or Ko-Fi and only in USD.
ₒ Payment can either be 100% front up or 50% Up front then 50% Before the item is delivered.
ₒ Once the first payment is made I do NOT accept refunds or chargebacks.
ₒ I will only start on the commissioned item once the payment is received and the project is agreed upon.
ₒ I will only refund you if I cannot complete the Commissioned item.
ₒ If you are not satisfied with the finished commission, you are not allowed to issue a refund.
04.Turnaround Time
ₒ Finishing your commission depends on the waiting list and what type of commission it is.
ₒ Vtuber Bundle: 2 - 4 weeks
ₒ Twitch Assets: 1 - 3 weeks (Not Animated) +4 days (Animated)
ₒ Rooms: 4 - 7 Days (Not Animated) +4 days (Animated)
ₒ Vtuber Logos 2 - 3 Days
ₒ Minecraft Skins 3 - 6 Days.
05.Permissions & Copyright
ₒ Claiming my work as your own will not be tolerated and you will be blacklisted.
ₒ You have the right to use the commissioned items for your own personal use. Unless Commercial Use has been Purchased.
ₒ Credit me if you use my work! @Scar1etsDreams On Twitter.
ₒ Profiting from the commissioned piece (resale, redistribution, marketing) is not allowed unless you pay for commercial use.

Vtuber Artists

Model Designer                                               Model Rigger

ママ𐐪 kan_xkan                             ママ𐐪 catathenya

Model Concept                                              Png Model

パパ𐐪 Nova                                         ママ𐐪 shianlue


Height: 5’5 (152.4 cm)
Age: unknown
Likes: Night Time, Black & White Foxes, Arabic Tea, Traveling, Black Raspberry Chocolate chip Ice Cream, & Gold.
Dislikes: The day time, Nosy people, Spicy Food, & Anyone who harms others.
Species: Quarter: Kitsune, Quarter: Ram, Quarter: Elf, & Quarter: Dragon
Sexuality: Bisexual